30 May 2013
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Techvedic Launches In-Home or In-Store Tech Support Edition in the U.S.


Off course, too many alternatives are there in the form of online tech support for TVs, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs, Macs, etc., but “would that suit everyone or stay just in every situation?” Probably, difficult to give a “yes” nod.

With a perspective to make the computer tech support more touching and responsible, Techvedic has expanded the support index with the inclusion of In-Home and In-Store Services in the USA market. As of now the In-Store service is available only at Nevada Reno in the U.S., but very soon it would disseminate across the length and breadth of the country. Now, creating digital home for sharing data, movies, videos and music across mobile and non-mobile computing/entertainment platforms is easier than ever before with In-Home services, which is nothing but on-site services ranging from setup and installation to repair and maintenance.

With In-Store service, we want to achieve two prime goals. Firstly, address the concern of hardware repair and maintenance, which remained out-of-scope in online tech support module. Secondly, allow flexibility to consumers who were time constrained. The service marks a distinction from the manufacturer offered standard warranty repair services, as the former would entertain products, irrespective of their warranty status. Moreover, the services would be made available across all device platforms. And, competitive and reasonable prices would serve as icing on the cake.

Whatever queries you have, we listen attentively to come with desired tech support solutions, because we understand requirements vary from person to person. Furthermore, interested users can download security software or applications from Techvedic’s online store or get delivery of the required package in CD/DVD format. Also, users can place order for Techvedic recommended desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones or other hardware devices. Interestingly, to make smart decisions regarding investment, intended users can explore through Rigviews, which narrates the pros and cons of technology products in an unbiased manner.

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