26 September 2014
Techvedic Network
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Business expansion includes settlement of various modules. In order to drive and maintain the productivity and profit, you need to expand your network infrastructure in a balanced manner. But, network expansion demands accountability and investment. With intelligent network monitoring and management system offered by Techvedic, you can have a 360-degree view of your network traffic on any Internet connected device.

Keep a track on network hardware operations, and running services and applications. See how it would monitor and optimize your network.

Effective Hardware Monitoring

Advanced monitoring, alerting and reporting system helps you avoid any technical outages due to hardware failure.  It helps you regulate key device sensors including temperature, fan speed, and power supply, and alerts when something gets out of control.

Hardened Security

Have real-time visibility and get graphical reports for audits and management review. The tool automatically manages, configures, and monitors network intrusions. Thus, proscribe unauthorized access and data breaching. Our tool responds well to known and emerging e-threats and recommends the right strategy for network safety.

Less IT Downtime & More Productivity

Technical flaws or downtime are unpredictable. The may leave you puzzled besides deteriorating work productivity. But here comes the reliable solution. Our network management tool effectively monitors bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards, etc. and regulates them well to ensure better availability of business data or information to authorized users.

Network monitoring is extremely crucial for both small and large businesses. As per your business, you can select the monitoring system.  With an effective network management and monitoring system, you can meet required compliance and justify your roles against stakeholders including partners, employees and customers.

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