8 October 2014
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Multiple communication, long queue, tiring process …no result. That’s how I can define my experience with a leading telecom service provider. What I wanted to simply close a postpaid connection, which was in the name of my cousin. I had tried it many a time over the phone, and email, before finally making a visit at its customer relationship branch in my locality. I was asked to clear the outstanding, which I did instantly, then I was asked to fill a form, and I did so, and waited for my turn. After a baited breathe, when I got access to my customer service officer, I was informed that your payment is not reflecting in the CRM software, please come on the next day. Next day, only I went there to witness the same melodrama being repeated again.

Such instances may appear insignificant as compared to the large customer-base of a company. But such instances should not be considered in isolation. It’s really an alarming sign, when considered in a long run. Even, if the number of churning is as small as one out of a thousand, then also over a period of months or years, it can cause severe damage to the net revenue of a business. Hence, businesses need to pay attention towards improving customer relationship management. Thankfully, Information Technology is here with its cloud-based or S-a-a-S (Software-as-a-Service) customer relationship management (CRM) platform. And, if we go by Gartner, the adoption of SAAS CRM has achieved a huge success. By 2013, it already acquired the 40 percent of the CRM market.

Leveraging the trusted platform of Microsoft Dynamics, Techvedic has become a noted vendor that offers CRM solution to startups, small and medium businesses, enterprises, and government organizations. Techvedic CRM harnesses social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination to help businesses or organizations maintain a sound relationship with customers. Its multi-channel service capability allows a business to stay connected with customers across Web, social, chat or mobile. The unified communication is also helpful to customer service representatives and their managers. They can deliver relevant service to customers and in a faster way within the predefined service level agreements (SLAs). Its dynamic routing and queuing helps in speedy resolution of critical cases while maintaining absolute transparency across different levels.

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