3 December 2014
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Managing finance, acquiring and retaining the right people, managing workplace productivity, and vanquishing brand rivalries and growing customer-expectations, all exert a considerable amount of pressure on entrepreneurs, especially those administering small and medium businesses or startups. Unequivocally, the addition of IT planning, deployment and maintenance tasks to it, will further exacerbate the situation.

Reckoning all these, Techvedic brings an array of small & medium business IT support services at their disposal to let them have peace of mind, stay focused on their business and customers, rather on technology and related challenges. Interested to know what impact they will have on your business bottom-line? If yes, continue with us.

Drive efficiencies and cut cost

Are you skeptical about predefined configurations of your server, storage, networking, software, and services are competent in meeting the growing business demands? Constraint with budget? Plagued with unplanned downtime? Here is a solution – yes, all that your IT infrastructure needs is an intelligent virtualization. Yes, treading the path of virtualization, we help you improve IT capacity utilization with better consolidation ratio. With our experts, successfully downplay budget limitations, rollout delays, and technical issues. We bring virtualization at all levels, viz. applications, software and hardware as per the business needs. End benefits? Save on hardware procurement costs, get rid of unplanned downtime, improve application availability and simplify IT management.

Acquire and retain customers

Attracting and retaining customers is a big challenge, but with informed business insights and faster application performance, you can overcome it quite easily. Our small and medium business IT support solution is poised to make your business IT infrastructure agile, responsive and reliable. Receiving orders, invoicing, shipping products, updating employee information, or setting a marketing budget, all becomes easier with uninterrupted data flow at every touch point. Also, take advantage of new trends including mobility solutions and vamp up your customer service to acquire and retain clients.

Increase productivity & customer-satisfaction

It’s an era of unified communication and collaboration. Therefore, we set up, configure, deploy and manage voice, conferencing, instant messaging, and other related tools to keep your professionals and teams on board every time. We help you integrate bring your own device and mobility concepts at your workplace to let people have the flexibly that they need. By centralizing business data, we allow your people to have smooth access to information that they crave for. They can simultaneously access files, take key business decisions and respond to customers queries accordingly. We keep a vigil on the entire infrastructure to keep them running at their peak. What does that mean for your business?  Obviously, increased productivity, reduced goof-ups, instant delivery and increased customer-satisfaction.

Maintain business continuity

Today data protection translates into business protection, – understanding lingering data vulnerability, we harden the security settings of your business environment to mitigate any risks surfacing on account of mobility and bring your own device trends and soaring cyber-attacks. This lets you build business momentum & expand confidently.

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