22 October 2013
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Today, humans pride on living in an age where information is available at the blink of an eye. Though no one can deny the fact that the Internet dependency has increased rapidly for conducting various tasks seamlessly, but most of the areas in UK are still not connected to the unbeatable Internet services. When talking about the technology progress of the country, it would not be justified to ignore those sections of society where people find it difficult to perform their tasks without the Internet.

Office of National Statistics has revealed that 17% of UK homes have no Internet access, whatever the reasons are, but this seems too unfortunate. Accordingly to ONS’s Internet Access Quarterly Update (Q1-2012), the numbers of adults who have never gone online decreased to 8.12 million. On one hand, South East of England has highest users of Internet usage in UK (cross 86.9%) whereas Northern Ireland had lowest 75.1% Internet users. There has always been fluctuation in the number of Internet users in the UK and the governmental organizations such as ONS have been conducting surveys to update the Internet usage in UK stats.

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ONS Quarter1 Survey Report

Internet technology is open for all and it brings various surprises for people of all ages, yet in some sections of UK, there are people in different age groups that are unable to make most advantage of Internet services. Nevertheless, some leading tech support companies like Techvedic UK enable users to overcome all Internet connectivity technical hassles; yet scenario is not so good. Turning back to stats, adults falling in age group of 16-24 years are counted to be the largest majority (98.6%) of Internet users (7.16 million Internet users). On the other hand, 27.4% adults aged 75 years or over have never used Internet.


Source: The Office for National Statistics, UK


People in employment earning less than £200/week hold a majority of 6.9% who have never used the Internet. Most of the Internet users fall under category of people earning £500/week and show an increase up to 99% or above.


According to DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), there were 4.04million disabled people in 2012 Q1 who had no Internet connections. It was a bit surprising to digest the fact that this group – 34.6% of the disabled UK population – constituted almost half of the adult population (8.12 million) having no Internet access. Furthermore, 3.94 million adults with no disability reported of not having used the Internet. Thus, the probability of disables using the Internet was almost one-third of their counterparts and, the fact contrasts the growth and prosperity of a nation included in the top 50 countries in terms of per capita income.


Source: The Office for National Statistics, UK

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