4 August 2014
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Fun and excitement are the best buddies of your kids. Whatever they do, they want to enjoy that to the fullest. In order to kindle their interests, we scoured the technology world to bring you a list of Top 10 Kid-friendly Gadgets.

Comfy Easy PC Learning System (ages 1 to 5)

Things can be easily learned if they are interesting. Comfy Easy PC System packed with easy-to-use PC keyboard, vibrant colors and fun keys makes learning interesting. Toddlers can play and interact with cute Comfy characters. This can increase their motor and cognitive skills. All you need to do is connect the keyboard with the PC, run its software and let your child start the interaction.

Oregon Scientific Darth Vader Learning Laptop (ages 4 & up)

Let your kid feel the power with Oregon Scientific’s Darth Vader Learning Laptop ($49.95). To give the realistic feel to kids, it is designed in shape of a Darth Vader’s mask with a touch-sensitive backlit LCD screen, QWERTY keyboard, almost 50 activities for kids related to memory, logic, music and lots more.

Techno Source Rubik’s Revolution (ages 5 to 10.5)

You can call it a combination of adventure and fun. This is released by Techno Source featuring six games including Light Speed, Pattern Panic, Rapid Recharge, Cube Catcher, Code cracker and Multiplayer Madness. It is an amazing electronic version of Rubik’s cube. This summer you can challenge your memory by following and pressing the lights present on each side of the cube. It works on three AAA batteries.

Mattel Barbie Girls MP3 Player (ages 6 & up)

Enter the world of Barbie with Mattel Barbie Girls MP3 Player at just $59.99. This is a 512 MB music player with a Barbie shape. Also, you can have belt clip, storage case and adjustable earbuds. It has an expandable miniSD slot up to 2GB as well as a rated battery life of 10 hours. Unlock the virtual Barbie world by plugging the player into your computer.

Brian the Brain (ages 6 & up)

With this funny and intelligent friend, your kid will learn various things. Brian the Brain is a voice-recognition technology that can tell your kids funny facts, jokes, trivia, etc. Furthermore, this Brian has retractable handheld keypad, light show, digital alarm clock, dictionary, encyclopedia and speaker phone for making calls. Get it at $79.99 from

SpongeBob SquarePants Npower Digital VGA Camera (ages 6 & up)

Make your kid freakier with SpongeBob SquarePants Npower Digital VGA camera. It offers more than 20 electronics that are inspired by most popular characters of Nickelodeon. With 8GB of internal memory, shutter sound effects, 1.1-inch color LCD screen and auto flash, it also has adhesive skins.

WowWee Flytech Barry B. Benson (ages 8 & up)

Cute, funny and interesting- these three words describe this world’s first radio-controlled flying bee. This busy bee can flutters, soars, dives and glides as well as can achieve speed of 18 miles per hour. You can use the given remote to move the bee. Barry B. Benson is available with a pair of spare wings and propeller, detachable antenna and tail ribbon.

Mattel U.B. Funkeys (ages 8 & up)

These U.B. Funkeys are cute china dolls that can be connected to your computer to unlock a secret “Terrapinia” virtual world. Your kids can earn coins so as to decorate their house and then post their house online. In the starting kit, you can get U.B. Funkeys hub and two Funkeys.

High School Musical Digital Mix Stick MP3 Player (ages 8 to 14)

Is your kid fantasized with High School Musical films? Then you can imagine his/her reaction when presented with Disney’s High School Musical Digital Mix Stick MP3 Player. In this pack, you get 512 MB of onboard memory as well as it supports MP3 and WMA formats. It is available at $39.99.

Tiger Electronics POWER TOUR Electric Guitar (ages 10 & up)

Your kid with this electric guitar will feel like a Rock star. It has touch sensors instead of strings and dual-function knobs. Your child can explore the musical talent by learning to play the 12 pre-loaded songs. Also, it has a headphone jack so that parents can enjoy a sound sleep. Works with four AA batteries, you can purchase it at $69.99.

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