22 December 2015
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Virus! Malware! Bloatware! Spyware! The devastations wreaking havoc on the PC have certainly found some more devices that have a larger contribution and broader operational area. These viruses are not just confined to the system, rather, they have redefined themselves and posing severe threat to Android and Windows devices. So, this New Year, you are pretty concerned about making your phones and tablets safe and sound. The pursuit is challenging since mobile viruses can come from any source, they are not just confined to the Internet for contaminating the device, through sharing also they can wreak the havoc.

So, to protect your devices you need the best antivirus for your phone. Take a look at few of the promising antiviruses that you can look forward to for your Android phone.

V3 Mobile Security ($29.79; 1 User; 1 Year)

You need a good antivirus for your mobile and V3 Mobile Security grants that leverage through malicious software that has a detection rate of 99.5% on an average. The performance of the antivirus android software is upright considering its smart performance in terms of battery usage and the apps are not generating that level of traffic. So, you are always having the value that matters in particular. The call blocker, antitheft, parental control, backup data and all other specified features have definitely made this anti-virus the class product.

Alibaba Mobile Security ($22.34; 1 User; 1 Year)

Well a tough call precisely to choose between V3 Mobile Security and Alibaba Mobile Security, since both are having a malware detection rate of 99.9%. But on an average, the false warnings and other legitimate calls to deal with the situation have made this software truly unprecedented. In this software also, you are getting the parental guidance and other functions to ease the hassles categorically.

Antiy AVL Security (Price not disclosed by publisher; 1 user; 1 year)

Antiy AVL Security could be a game changer for your phone considering the performance it grants to it. If you are troubled by adware and malware, the detection and removal rate is truly unprecedented. At the same time, you are also getting performance apps that improves the apps performance and enables them to perform flamboyantly. So, you are always benefitted to the truest sense from this software program.

AVG Antivirus Free (1 user; 1 Year)

You have got a virus on the phone, you don’t have to worry about it. The malware detection though not that promising but it is not bad at 95.4%. The detection rate of the latest malware is also upright and efficient. In terms of performance, you will witness a better app usage and optimized battery life using the antivirus. If you are doing online transaction, you can enjoy the pleasure of Internet banking at the same time.

Avira Free Android Security 4.2 ($22.34; 1 user; 1 year)

Avira has proved its mettle in terms of malware detection and it has definitely helped clients in the detection and removal of threats easily. The antivirus program has been loaded with innumerable features like false warning detection, less app traffic generation and many more features to assess and evaluate the possibilities. The software also ensures that false app installation and parental control is checked in the first place. You get safe encryption to digitalize the experience.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 3.2 ($14.89; 1 user; 1 Year)

Get your phone to work like a flying machine with Bitdefender Mobile Security that guarantees 100% malware detection. Now, no adware and malware is going to bother you anymore, you are going ahead of all of them with high performance apps guaranteeing traffic and optimized warning. Personal data backup and SD cloud storage guarantees that in the first place.

Norton Mobile Security ($32.76; 1 user; 1 Year)

Norton has done it again and this time in the malware detection platform. You are getting 100% detection of malware guaranteed in the first place with this security software. So, you are always getting the leverage of legitimizing the third party software and other probable solutions for a better experience. You are also getting the message filter that would drive away the uncertainties and bring better computable experience into practice.

QuickHeal Total Security 2.01 Mobile Security ($14.89; 1 User; 1 Year)

QuickHeal dominates the security provisions and enables the malware detection to the rate of 95% on an average. There is no probability that your device would slow down using this software since it occupies the least amount of space. So, no matter whether it is software installation, or any other possibilities, you can do all of them in the best way with this antivirus.

Sophos Mobile Security 5.5 ($22.34 ;1 User;1 Year)

Though this antivirus is prominent in terms of malware detection, yet you are not alien to the possibilities of getting the phone to slow down tremendously. The software occupies the space in the first place and this leads to app performance going abysmally low in the usage. But the message filter and parental control are some of the dynamics that have definitely predefined the possibilities and enabled it to surface in the list of top antivirus program. You can also save the personal data on the card and overwrite it as and when required.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile 3.7 ($22.34;1 User;1 Year)

User-friendly interface has been the best of the reasons that has made this antivirus promising. At the same time, you are getting safe browsing experience owing to protection against malware issues. Message block and caller verification is additional feature that you can pick in this software. So, the bottom-line is that this antivirus is updated version that you can get to make the mobile dynamic.


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