4 August 2014
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Writing a blog is the best way to express your feelings, share amazing ideas, educate people and enlarge your world of thoughts. Today, online blogging has become a big hit. If professional writers found the abode of fortune in it, students, artisans, sportspersons, activists, scientists, and philanthropists found a platform or voice to bring out their talents, resonate like-minded people and reach the masses. And, businesses and marketers discovered in it the innate potential to connect with their prospects and customers.

So, here is a list of top 10 online blog websites that give you the leverage to share your views on fashion, technology, food or any other topic that interests you. Have a look.


It will take you few minutes to start your own blog without paying a single penny. Isn’t this sounds great? This blog site allows a creative writer to express ideas for free under a gorgeous theme. Users can also look for the premium package while acquiring their own domain name.


Most of the Penzu bloggers admire and recommend it to others because of its versatile features. Unlike other blog websites, this is something really different and systematic; it gives you a platform to express idea depending upon your needs via Daily Diary (public), Travel Journal (best help when you are planning a trip) and Expressive Journal (lets you bundle your personal thoughts). In fact, you can use the trial version to understand it better.


No qualm, SquareSpace is considered as the most professional & contemporary platform for the blog writers. Though you will have to pay little price for the service, but you would eventually get best results. It is, usually, owned by musicians, business owners, bloggers, photographers and store owners as it can do wonders for them. You only have to start with a 14-days free trial website that portrays well-polished template.


Backed by Google, Blogger is the most authentic, popular and trusted blogging platform that can be started in few simple steps. In just few clicks, you can go with step-by-step procedure and customize options to get the template and start sharing your ideas. It is available in free & premium version as well.


This is an interesting gamer uber-blog that helps you to not only post blogs, but also let you enjoy gossips, cheating tips & reviews. It has everything about online games. You can get help while picking the latest game and learning to play it.


When using this online blog platform, you will feel like you working on a doodle pad. It is popular among teens because of its contemporary, stylish and super-slick pattern.


If you want to keep simplicity as the hallmark for your writing, then you must surely deal with it. As most of the hot technology topics are discussed and posted here by proficient tech experts, it is popularly known to get information in pattern as “tell it as it is”. You can information about computers, smartphones, tablets, Internet and other technology innovations.


Well, if you are a toy-admirer and love to read about cool, wacky innovations, then Gizmodo is there to help you anytime anywhere. You can information on USB drives, booze belts, coffee makers and high-definition TVs, etc. Besides, you can also get some serious technology news through this blog portal.


When it comes to videos, images and music, Tumblr is the easiest platform you can go with. You can choose any of the creative ideas to express your thoughts. People can easily reblog your posts, if they like them and increase numbers of followers & large fanbase.


It is free-of-cost and interesting blogging platform that helps you to create a professional environment for the online readers. To customize the page, you can easily drag and drop items to give interesting look & feel.

After considering many important aspects, we have prepared this list of top 10 blogging websites. If you think we have missed to mention any other promising blog website, let us know through your comments below.

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