6 January 2015
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The amazing range of progressive smartphones has brought a new revolution in the technology industry making it easy for enthusiasts to connect anywhere anytime in just seconds. Techvedic has always believed in simplifying technology for people of all ages, and thus, it takes the opportunity to update followers with latest smartphone releases in all sizes, makes and budgets. No doubt, technology giants are competing very well with each other, and they are not leaving any stones unturned to flood markets with advanced devices, having ever-improved hardware, slashed prices and software updates.

After going through lots of smartphone reviews, Techvedic team has prepared a list of top 10 smartphones to be expected to gain more popularity in 2015. Let’s review the best smartphones to find if they can fit in the expected budget of customers with different pocket size.

A.    Samsung Galaxy Alpha

With the release of this product, Samsung has been successful in neutralizing all the negative criticism received for making cheap plastic cell phones. In Galaxy Alpha, Samsung has placed metal for plastic in some portions to give better quality to the product. It has octo-core chipset and 12 megapixel secondary camera with the best customization features. The device buyers are benefited with fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor along with advanced software features. Though it is not a hit for people with low budget; it is little expensive, but not more than larger flagship handsets.

B.    Motorola Moto E

 Motorola has always aimed at offering smartphones at budgeted prices, and this has been clearly proven with the release of Moto’s new releases. Moto E is an incredibly low priced, compact smartphone that offers plenty of features to the technology enthusiasts. The display has low resolution than other devices in the same category, but the design seems solid to lure buyers with not-too high budget. Apparently, it is clubbed with too much of Android glory, yet it is not enough to suppress customer demands for great camera and fast device performance. It can be a perfect pick for people looking for changeable backs that goes well with their style.

C.     Nokia Lumia 1020

Till date, it is the best smartphone in Nokia-now-Microsoft series having great phone features. Lumia 1020 is yet to be replaced with rear camera standing out. It has high quality PureView secondary camera that gives best options that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. However, buyers have found it a little bigger in size considering the comfort to hold & use only in one hand. Like other Nokia releases, 1020 gives similar Windows Phone experience which is better than Android & iOS for Nokia followers.

D.   Nokia Lumia 1520

With Lumia 1520, Nokia brought Windows phones into phablet series with appreciable confidence. It has great camera, power and size to win trust of the buyers. There are many reasons to buy 1520; it has strong built, fantastic camera options, good battery life and very beautiful screen that attracts most of the people at first look. Glance screen and black operating system are other features that bring lots more with the device. Its raw file capturing feature also gives brilliant impact on the potential buyers. The only point where one has to compromise is – its ON & OFF switching connection is a big time trouble for many. The handset might be very large for some of the buyers and few apps may be missing that you need. But otherwise, the purchase is worth the price.

E.    Nokia Lumia 1320

Getting higher into the range, this Nokia’s Windows phone phablet is a great product which is manageable for users. Though it has an impression of old Lumia 1520, but 1320 can be bought for £200 (approximately) that is an easy figure for any 6 inches device. It clearly reflects that the Windows phone experience can be taken into the large screen without getting a hole in the pocket. Well, if you buy this, don’t think you have the fastest product in the series as it has 720p display and old Snapdragon S4 hardware which counts to be a compromise for the buyers.

F.     Nexus 5

There is no doubt that this Google release is a complete Google dream for many enthusiasts. It has excellent display giving so much of details & performance that can stand out to be on top when compared with counterparts. Though it has been embellished with bundles of advanced features, Google failed to design it perfectly which makes it less interesting than Nexus 4. Poor battery and low camera performance are the downsides of the product. The Nexus 5 gives you an overall package of services at just £299 with the assurance to be ahead in Android queue.

G.   OnePlus One

OnePlus One has grabbed attention of smartphone buyers by giving great value for money and degree of exclusivity. Though it is not the easiest product to get hold of, and one has to spend £220 to own this powerful device with great battery life. The device is preloaded with CyanogenMod that gave range of tinkering options. Network compatibility problem is the downside of the device; but own to be envy of friends.

H.   Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Huawei is making efforts to be in top flight of smartphones. After a lot of competition with the rivals and the company has done commendable job to be on top among many best smartphones. Mate 7 is called to be Huawei’s latest device in the phablet series having full 6 inches HD display & metal design. It is great for playing games. Android though not every user has similar design tastes, yet the manufacturer experimented enough customisation of Android UI. Long battery life is the best advantage of buying this product at £440, only affordable for the buyers with huge pocket size.

I.     Motorola Moto G 4G

Moto G is a surprising innovation for many people. In fact, it was considerate of Motorola that it updated original product with 4G & microSD card support making it an ultimate choice in a budget-friendly range. It is an unbelievably amazing smartphone that brings on various unique features in just £150. If you are the one looking for a low budget smartphone, then Moto G should be your first pick to avail all the services & super-fantastic features. If you take out the price, there is no other reason to feel let down as it is designed greatly & has brilliant display. It is said to be an outstanding product in the range of other smartphones competing to be best smartphone in the market. And good thing is – it will not cost too much to you. In fact, it has been the first non-Nexus device that upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop.

J.      Samsung Galaxy S5

It is not wrong to say that Galaxy S5 is the refined version of SGS4. Interface and the design of both the devices are quite similar, but the entry level refinement is unique. It is sleek, fast & has amazing power backup with stunning 5.1 inches HD display. Going by the built of the device, the flexibility feature is the most interesting thing to attract customers. The removable back allows the buyers to take off battery whenever any issues rise. Though the built is mainly in plastic material. It lacks premium sheen of the competing products. It is more compact and lighter.  The buyers can spend in it to take benefit of excellent display & other features at not-too-high-and-not-too-low price bracket.

Hope, this information is enough to understand what has been best so far in the smartphone industry. These top 10 smartphones are the most popular choices among buyer, let’s cross fingers & hope to get lots more technology services in 2015.

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