19 February 2013
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Top 10 Internet Security Software 2013


Today, the Internet is the most crucial medium through which you can keep eye over the entire world. Whether you are sitting at home or any other place, Internet is providing you unlimited opportunities to explore the world. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut … have triggered a communication explosion asserting the theory of world as a “global village.” A different online community has evolved, more responsive, and more connected than ever.

Somewhere in the middle of this, you – though not all – seem to have forgotten a vital etiquette of communication. Guess? It is none other than “security.” So, we   at Techvedic, as usual to keep your interest protected, after analyzing the potency of different Internet security software available from renowned players, have come with a list “Top 10 Internet security software 2013” to help you choose the best shield for your digital world.

  • 1. BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2013 – Armed with Anti-virus, Anti-Theft, online storage, Firewall, ID Theft and many more protective features, the software poses as an effective computer security solution. Worried about existing malware? Leave it aside, as the software claims to perform a pre-install scan. The product has received ADVANCED+ rating from AV-Comparatives, and was able to bag 17 of 18 possible points in the AV-Test rating. The former rates the product on three real-world criteria: repair of infested systems, protection against new attacks, and overall usability. Though the software works well in terms of protection, it loses some points in terms of speed, while removing viruses and malware from a computer.
  • 2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 – With its new as well as innovative features, Kaspersky performed well in all malware blocking tests. The main screen of the software provides you the current status of your anti-virus along with the other required updates. The bottom of the page contains the important information through which you can easily access the vital features of the software. For any potential threats, Kaspersky automatically turns on the alert and then neutralize it by scanning your device. As per the signature-based detection tests performed by PC World, it can detect 99.34% of malware. Now, your computer is almost safe against all the viruses. However, it also has a drawback that on scanning it shows mixed results.
  • 3. Norton AntiVirus 2013 – It helps to protect your personal details from being stolen while surfing the Web. Norton is proffering the ultra-fast network defense layer to restrict several threats from attacking your PC. Being smarter, it scans as well as runs updates when you are not working on your computer. When it comes to PCMag’s malware blocking test, its quality is average. Its Windows 7 protection score is 83%, repair score is 75% and usability score is 100%. In order to get more security against phishing, you need to upgrade Norton AntiVirus to Norton Internet Security. So, take a step ahead with Norton but only after knowing its pros and cons.
  • 4. F-Secure Anti-Virus 2013 – This antivirus is quick as well as effective. Designed with advanced protection technology, it is powerful against viruses, spyware and Trojans. According to the editor of PCMAG, it is good. Want some bonus features? Then, this software proffers you spam filtering and firewall protection. Its scanning process is easy which allow you to schedule scans as well as adjust settings. But, it is not active against phishing.
  • 5. G Data Anti-Virus 2013 – It is widespread security software which provides protection against all threatening viruses. It has the capacity to detect, block and disable all the malicious files. Furthermore, its startup and shutdown timing is very less. However, you can find its installation process very tedious. You need to click through ten screens and most of which requires user involvement. Including this, it also lack some features like battery saving mode, gamer mode, link scanner, etc. Virus bulletin has certified this software as VB 100% due to its high detection rate.
  • 6. BullGuard Internet Security 2013 – For all kinds of online threats such as viruses or other malware, it is a good antivirus tool. Now, you can surf, shop, bank and play games online without any trouble. You can get free PC tune-ups as well as 5 GB online backup with this software. This backup allows you to keep your important data, photos and music files more safe. Also, it has parental control for restricting your kids to visit any sensitive online sites. Being a good performer in almost all independent tests, this software does not have any specific drawback. As per Windows 7 protection tests, it scores 100%, for repair test 66% and for usability test 92%. You can try it if you are not going for all the above ones.
  • 7. AVG Anti – Virus 2013-0020 – When it comes to scanning, removal or prevention against viruses, this software is also available as a good option. Although it is not as good as other software yet, it is preferred by many due to its simple accessibility. While shopping or banking from any e-commerce site, it protects your personal identity to leak out. It provides protection against malware as well as viruses. This software also proffers protection so that your children can’t access unsuitable websites. But, before going to choose this software make sure that it proffers only email support for particular inquiries. Phone support facility is not there. Now, get protected against scams, phishing and fraud with this anti-virus.
  • 8. Avast! Pro Anti-Virus 7 – With layers of protection, this software is the fine choice for your PC. It has several practical features such as WebRep, SafeZone, Auto Sandbox and Security Gadget. Easy to install and access, AV comparatives considers this security software as one of the best Internet security programs in the industry. But, it lacks in anti-phishing. So, if you are not very much concerned about phishing then you can go for this one. Virus Bulletin also certified it as VB 100%. As per AV comparatives it has high virus-detection rate.
  • 9. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + 2013 – It is an easy protection tool against viruses, keyloggers, hackers, Trojan horses, worms, etc. Also, it can remove any fake anti-virus software. Now, you can surf online safely due to its web-reputation technology. With its user-friendly interface, it provides customer service as well as technical support. It is certified by AV-Test results. For protection and usability test on Windows 7, it scores well according to AV-Test. If you are using Windows 7 then this is not a good choice for you. Its repair rate is not very high on Windows 7.
  • 10. VIPRE Antivirus 2013 – It scans efficiently as well as provides adequate protection against viruses and spyware. After performing all the protection, repair and usability tests, it secures 83%, 75% and 83% respectively. It is good for surfing web safely and can also remove pre-existing viruses. While doing emailing or instant messaging, it retains your security. According to AV-Test performed over it in Windows 7, it scores pretty well. But, during the third party protection tests it does not perform very well.

So, what are you waiting for? Install one of the top Internet security programs now and let your computer feel safe.

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