9 August 2013
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“Technology is by the people, of the people and for the people,” perhaps you might be thinking that you have reached any Political science class-room. But actually not! Here is Techvedic, a leading tech support vendor, committed to translate and transfuse the concept of democracy into technology.

By 2010, the number of visually impaired people was 285 million, claimed WHO in its 2010 report, shockingly, falling short of the United States population as revealed by the U.S. Census Bureau by just 24 million (approximately) in the same year. Hardly, you need any further interpretation to understand the gravity of the issue.

Programs and strategies are on from all quarters including government and non-government organizations to mitigate the blindness’ causes, provide medical and financial aids to victims, develop disable friendly-infrastructure, and more. The aim is pretty clear to provide visually impaired people the level-play ground wherein they not only live a dignified life, but can become contributors to the family, community and nation.

Fortunately, the Information Technology is not letting any stone unturned. Techvedic unveils some popular apps, available at Apple App Store, compatible with most trending iOS devices which can help visually impaired people to ease their lives, coordinate better with the world, live independently, and make their presence worth for one and all.

LookTel Money Reader @ $9.99

Empowers visually impaired people to quickly and easily identify and count bills. Users just need to point the iOS device to a bill and the application will translate the engraved values into audio signal on real-time. Currently the application supports 21 different currencies and has Voice Over support for 17 different languages. Thus, making shopping and paying bills easier for them. Read more.

SayText @ Free

With this app, developed by Haave Oy, iPhone can scan any document and read out loud at the behest of users, thanks to the optical character recognition technology. Thus, people can virtually read any text documents whether at home, office or on the move. The only efforts required is a few movements of fingers. Read more.

Color Identifier @ $1.99

Going wrong with mix-matched dresses would be a thing of past, as the app developed by GreenGar Studios can identify the color and speak color names aloud. Thus, the disabled people can also happily stroll around anywhere with the right perception of weather or sky color changes. Read more.

Learning Ally @ Free

Developed by Learning Ally, the iOS apps allows visually challenged people to have access to around 70,000 audiobooks, audio textbooks, and other recorded books incorporated in the syllabus of K-12 and college-level institutions. Users can navigate books easily by page number and chapter, bookmarks throughout the text and adjust the playback speed. Read more.

Braille Pro @ $2.99

Developed by Mindwarrior, the iOS compatible application allows users to translate English to Braille and save the content as images. Thus, visually impaired people can easily learn Braille, which provisions sixty-four permutations for every dot, at their own pace. The application helps users to comprehend letters, words, and contractions and makes learning easier. Read more.

Thanks for your valuable time. And, don’t forget to give your inputs, because together we can transform the technology and make the world a better place to live. Cheers!

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