21 October 2014
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The remote desktop management services enable professionals to work seamlessly on their devices, access what they want without any barrier, and collaborate efficiently within and outside the organization whenever required. Below are few interesting tips on desktop management.

  1. Presentation Mode is one cool Windows 7 feature that keeps the laptop from suspending when no mouse movements or keys are pressed noticed. With this great Presentation Mode, moving large files is no more a big deal and Windows Mobility Settings can work accordingly. Press Windows Key + X and then check out the box with message “I am currently giving a presentation”.
  2. Next is Problem Recorder. It is a wonderful feature that allows small companies, without an in-house IT team, to record & forward journals related to the technical troubles. In fact, the Power Configuration tool is something amazing that supports in diagnosing and troubleshooting power issues instantly.
  3. One important concern is the Driver Support. There is better coordination between the Microsoft and many other vendors. The owner runs Win7 with 64-bit system without any hassles.
  4. The Taskbar Favorites is another feature for admins that support many desktops. Apparently, the documents shortcuts is the reason for many desktop users to be happier. It has been noticed that Windows search has enhanced giving more Control Panel items and enough depth now. In fact, it is okay if the user doesn’t actually see the Control Panel box and only uses Windows search option for finding the required applets.
  5. Using remote support, DirectAccess for the Windows 7 has been improved and it is supported by Windows Server 2008 R2. There are no installation hassles for VPN, but it is important to explain to the users. The DirectAccess can be used for directly connecting to Internet, even without taking an actual web connectivity service.

User Account Control is never perfect, yet it is required to tame a little bit. Deployment with standard user accounts have been comparatively simpler. If one needs, he/ she can demand the admin for password before making any system changes.

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