The year is on the verge of a closure and with the end coming soon, there are many hopes, aspirations, disappointments and success that would be accounted for. Through this technology journalism section, Techvedic is doing a retrospection of the innovative digital products that by and large succeeded in striking a chord with consumers in the concluding year.

Take a look at a few of the top technology products of 2015 and figure out that whether you were close enough towards possessing them, or are planning to have them in 2016.
Best Smartphone of the Year 2015
Brand: Apple

Product: iPhone 6S+
Apple is a brand and there is no point questioning the claim. So, if you are witnessing it on the product of the year, you shouldn’t be surprised at all. The faster A-8 processor and good camera option have definitely given the righteousness to Apple to claim a spot in the best smartphone of the year. The design has been immaculate, spectacular and promising from all possible angles.

Best Computer of the year 2015
Brand: Dell

Product: Dell XPS 13 laptop
Dell has finally left a trail in the mind of consumers and it has definitely emerged as the best bet for them. The laptop has been applauded for its unmatched performance delivery (6th Gen Intel Core processors, solid state drive and up to 16 GB RAM), light weight (1.2 kg) and its stylish eye-catching look marked with virtually borderless display. Carbon fiber palm rest internally and aluminum casing and Gorilla Glass externally provide the laptop with enough durability required to brave the odd situations on the go.
Best Game of 2015

Product: Fallout 4
For all those gaming enthusiasts, the year is ending on a positive note and if you have not tried your hand out for Fallout4, you may have deprived yourself of the best gaming experience. Get the pleasure of gaming in an altogether new avatar with Fallout 4, the best gaming experience that you can have in particular. When you witness something unreal and you are getting an electrifying interface, you are always on the verge of leaving a trail and this game promises everything in the first place.
Best Smartwatch of 2015

Product: Apple Watch
It seems that Apple is all pervasive, it is not just dominating the mobile phone category but also the accessories that are worn in day-to-day life. Apple Watch accounts for 75.5 percent of the smartwatch market. The device has flawless performance and its probabilities to get in synchronization with other devices makes it an altogether promising product in particular. Apple Siri, Apple Pay, alerts and notifications from configured apps and ever growing App Store besides others give it an edge.
Best Tablet of 2015

Product: Microsoft Surface Pro 4
You are mesmerized when everything comes in a bigger way and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is there to bring that into reality. This tablet has been an apple of the eye this year and it would be suitably credited owing to the optional keyboard facility and an inbuilt Windows 10 that takes the possibility to a new level. The tablet also has fast processor and other amiable functions that has made this product an unprecedented experience.
Best New Technology of the Year

Product: Motorola’s Shatter Proof Screen
If you are always apprehensive about the safety of the screen, you will have a new experience with the Motorola’s shatter proof screen, and the credit goes to Moto ShatterShield™ that brings penta-layer protection – exteriors protective lens, interior lens, dual touch layer, AMOLED display, and aluminum chassis – to the screen. Interestingly, it comes with a 4-year shatterproof warranty against crack or shatter. So, you are always on the verge of getting the best of the benefits when you have such protection that makes the possibilities certain.

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