31 December 2014
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In a world impacted with good and bad journalism practices, people are too busy making money that they forget humanity and do immoral acts to affect reputation of their counterparts. Creating unnecessary propaganda to defame a trusted service provider does not comes under ethical business laws, yet people are doing it with wrong intentions. This is exactly what happened when a professional technical writer, Dellea, expressed her views in negative way in a post titled “Beware of Techvedic” on an article submission directory, Hubpage, to influence & distract innocent Techvedic customers. She has raised several questions on the authenticity of the tech support services offered by Techvedic – which are absolutely untrue & extraneous.

Let’s see what has been said in context to Techvedic scams & get the details right here to clear the intentionally-created doubts against the brand.

Firstly, she claimed that the customer called HP & was falsely directed to Techvedic. It is completely false because Techvedic is a leading independent IT support solution provider serving worldwide clients since 2009, and it has established good name in the industry by giving satisfactory services. In fact, the vendor has clearly mentioned in its Terms & Conditions that “Mention of third-part products and their trademarks or registered marks is only for informational purpose, and in no way it represents any endorsement, ownership or affiliation with that particular company or organization.” Apparently, the vendor has nothing to do with HP or any other big brand & has potential to deliver tech support solely.

Secondly, author wrote that Techvedic asked the customer to make a payment of $199.99 for Unlimited One Year Support Access Plan. Who was asked to make payment? No proof?? No details of the customer were revealed and none of the proofs were shown proving righteous of the claim. Being a tech support vendor serving in different countries, including US, UK, Canada and Australia, Techvedic Technologies owns an official place in United Kingdom at 1st Floor, Barclays House, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury, Bucks where the customer can reach anytime to get answers to all his concerns in such a critical situation. In fact, the company professionals can be contacted on phone or via emails, and the customer is also leveraged with Refund Policy to get the money back. There is just one question in defense from Dellea, if something gross like this has happened, why didn’t the customer himself taken a step to express his aggression?

Well, there is no answer to this question because this propaganda was created just to defame Techvedic India and force it to lose business. But as we know “Good comes to those who do good”, Techvedic reputation is not affected at all!

In fact, it has built strong & trusted relationship with its existing clients over the period of last few years and it is growing by leaps & bounds with every passing month.

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