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Whether you work, browse, download, play, connect, share, or do anything else, PC performance matters. Generally after prolonged usage, a PC tends to slow down owing to different factors like fragmented or corrupted hard drive, involvement of unnecessary background programs, services or processes, hard drive conflicts, outdated system software or drivers, low memory, accumulation of cluttered files, registry errors and computer viruses or malware, among many others. Hence, your PC demands repair, maintenance and optimization on regular basis.  To help you out, Techvedic brings TunePRO360 – a PC tune-up utility powered by high-speed memory scan engine and effective file shredders and cleaners.

TunePRO360, as the name suggests, provides all-round computer solution to help you enjoy computing, gaming and communication faster, no matter where you are. Hence, speed up your PC and usher in the incredible technology experience.

TunePRO360 Capabilities

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Manage Startup Items

Generally a PC starts with a number of programs or applications. Of them some are required, and some are not. Hence, it’s better to check those unnecessary items to ensure that maximum computer resources are available for the desired task. With TunePRO360, enable or disable them as per your need to get optimum performance.

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Manage Services

Check services or processes with respect to the Windows that are not required for your work. You can even start, pause, restart or reload them as per your need to keep your PC running at its peak without compelling you to compromise with the productivity part.

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Keep Hard Drive Clutter Free

Find and use Disk Cleaner and Disk Defragmenter tools to make sure that the hard drive stays free from unwanted data or files including duplicate files, temp files, browsing file, et al, and next, whatever present on it are well organized to ensure quicker accessibility and more space for useful apps, photos, music and other files that you need.

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Keep System Updated

Get one-click tools to update system software, applications, security software and even the PC optimization tool itself to speed up your system and derive the maximum performance that you aspire for.


Uninstall Unessential Programs

Get rid of undesired, corrupted, or outdated software or programs in a quick and easy manner using the Uninstaller tool. It removes not just them but also their last traces without affecting important system files and programs.

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Fix Computer Problems

Diagnostics and troubleshooting has been eased with TunePRO360. Fix problems like registry errors, slow computer, software or driver errors, system crashes and freezing, and those linked with network sharing in a jiffy.

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