28 May 2013
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Twitter Announces new Security System for Users


Cyber security is the everyday concern for everyone going online. Nowadays, online adventure is at the verge of security-risk, but we all are addicted of it. And, it becomes hard to resist ourselves from being online. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, etc. are the common past-time of the current generation.

Twitter announced about its security measure. This step is taken by Twitter after suffering with various high-profile breaches. These security attacks targeted various media organisations as well as others. For this, they are now implementing a form of two-factor authentication which checks twice the credential of intended users. Well, this is not enough. Even with this online security option one must use a strong password to deter hackers.

As per some recent attacks over Twitter feeds, fake tweets were delivered by using the accounts of Agence France-Presse, the Associated Press, Financial Times as well as other news organizations. The recent case happened last month in which hackers shocked the market by hacking the AP Twitter account. These hackers displayed the message that Barack Obama got injured after two blasts at the White House.

According to twitter, this new security system would be like an option for users in which they need to enter a verification code for each sign-in. After that, security system will send a text message on user’s mobile phone with a verification code which you have entered.

As a social media outlet, Twitter has seen extraordinary growth but still its security is questioned. In February, Twitter was hit by a cyber-attack as well as around 250,000 user’s passwords were hacked. Furthermore, sharing of passwords restricted the adoption of two factor authentication. This new security is sounding positive for twitter but it depends that how they organize it.

The other problems of Twitter related to security include using strong passwords as well as frequent changes in passwords. Online safety is the main concern and with this security system of Twitter users can protect their accounts from various online threats.

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