Crypto Ransomware- How To Contain It?

This year will not end up on a fair note if you are not having the right antivirus software program. Computer fraternity, especially Windows users will bear the brunt ultimately—keep the sirens ringing!


Ransomware has been detected this year and this malicious virus program can inflict worst damage to your computer and your bank account at the same time. The reason that it is named ransomware is because you will have to come one-on-one for a ransom to unlock your computer. It will give you false alerts that you have violated the law and order representing a government authorized organization and seek for fines.


Categorized as a malware, Ransomware, a malicious software program prevents the user from accessing the computer alleging them falsely of breaching some federal or state laws. It then asks them to pay the penalty in the monetary form.

If the user wants to access the system then he/she would have to pay nominal charges for getting the charges cleared. Usually, they would charge victims within the slab of $100-$300 to get the amnesty. However, be cautious that you don’t pay a dime. Generally, the files and folders in the affected computer is encrypted to prohibit their access to users.

Their Intensity

The intensity of Ransomware at affecting the system is immense, primarily, the credit goes to its credibility.

Some messages pop-out on the screen and they look so reliable that users are compelled or influenced to click on the messages that appear and they end up losing their hard earned money.

Some of the messages that will appear on the screen raising the panic button and at the same time, compelling you to take lame decisions are.

  • Your computer is affected by virus, click to resolve it instantly.
  • You have violated the code of conduct and you are prosecuted. Pay $200 dollar to unlock this computer.
  • All files on the computer are locked because of security concerns, to access them you need to pay $300 as fine.

Penetration of the virus

It is estimated that in 2012, when this virus broke loose, in one single day 5,700 computers were compromised and all such victims were made to pay the fine and it amassed a whopping $33,600/day, so the culprits got richer everyday by this amount.

How it works?

Once this virus crawls into your computer, it creates avenues and gateways for more virus, Game over Zeus is one such virus that gets favorable ground to wreak havoc stealing your bank details, credit card information from prior transactions. So, along with your sensitive and vital information getting siphoned, you lose access to your vital files and folders. So, you end up turning yourself defunct on the IT landscape.


The impact of Ransomware is not just confined to residential users, rather, it breaks open for commercial purpose as well. So, it wields a lot of damage to commercial enterprises by.

  1. Causing espionage of temporary and permanent information.
  2. Disrupting regular operations
  3.  Financial data theft and siphoning of funds.
  4. Destroying market credibility of the enterprise.


If you believe that your computer has been affected by Ransomware, in that case, you can do these following pursuits to get your computer restored.

  1. You can go for a regular backup and restore activity going in tandem, this will provide you the benefit of expediting the recovery process when you think your computer is infected by Ransomware.
  2. Always keep your antivirus program updated to fight with the any virus no matter whether they belong to adware, malware or any similar e-threats category.
  3. Always make it a point to update your Windows program
  4. Whenever you open emails, in that case, make sure that you are scanning them. So, you can put your antivirus into manual or automatic mode to achieve this pursuit. So, if you keep this in mind then it is certain to keep Ransomware and other such viruses at bay.


With inputs from US CERT