Innovation and Revolution

Innovation and Revolution

Technological innovations have brought revolution in every life, and if one has to talk about Information and Communication Technology—it has become a solution to myriad problems encapsulating different sectors. In this section, you will get the chance to figure out the innovational inventions and how they are changing lives today for a better tomorrow. So, glide through a short sojourn, and witness how innovation has revolutionised this global hamlet.

Top 10 Innovative IT Tools Changing the World for the Better In 2015

Discover top 10 technology trends that have the potential to revolutionise the business operations and individuals’ lives in 2015. Download PDF

Google Mobilegeddon- Is Your Website Ready for It?

Google’s accelerating spree to revamp its search algorithms witnessed a new realms with the entry of “Mobilegeddon”, launched on April 21, 2015. Under this pioneering and unprecedented initiative….Read more

CES 2016 Highlights

CES 2016 – the biggest 4-day electronics extravaganza hosted by the Consumer Technology Association concluded on January 9. The exhibition saw over 3, 600 companies demonstrating their innovative technology products across 2.4 million square feet in Las Vegas…Read more