Our People

Our People

Techvedic employees work round the clock to let people derive the best from technology to stay productive, connected and entertained. Our thoughts and deeds are inclined to cherish the talents coming from diverse backgrounds, adorning varying experiences and perspectives, which eventually, and not to mention collectively, pave the ways of Techvedic success.

A glimpse of the employee-friendly Techvedic ecosystem

Equal Employement Oppurtunity: The Must-to Seek-Right

By giving due credit to individuals’ skills, potential and experience while hiring, we want to place ourselves true against the corporate governance policy. Our HR department remains unfazed of the demographical differences related to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information or any other legally protected status while offering job opportunities to anyone. To make sure, we always have the best social elements, we reserve the right to perform criminal- and professional- background check. However, conviction alone doesn’t withhold job to the person in question. Techvedic may consider the nature, date, and circumstances of the offense as well as whether the offense is relevant to the duties of the position sought.

Positive Work Environment: Where People Feel Proud To Work

We are committed to build a work environment where every employee has a sound relationship with co-workers and supervisors, and he/she finds himself/herself intact with the organizational culture, and where there is ample space for personal development. To make it practical, we advocate transparent and open communication between all associated departments and elements, thus allowing them to feel at home, and better understand the company’s philosophy, mission and values, and their jobs and benefits. We make sure that people don’t have to overlook other aspects of their lives and thus can maintain harmony between work and life. We keep our team members abreast with the changing technology paradigm with regular training and development, and recognize their hard work.

Employee Diversity and Inclusion: Sharing Values

Diversity is our key tool to success. We cherish the innovative and healthy ideas that our employees bring to the workplace owing to their diverse cultural, educational or professional background, and allow them to share that with peers to create a more intriguing, cooperative and responsive work environment which eventually lead to individual, team and organization success. Thus, our people feel being valued, respected and supported which ultimately keep them in positive state of mind. Our inclusion philosophy is well reflected in the Techvedic culture, practices and relationships that are in place to support a diverse workforce.

Employee Engagement: Growing Together

We believe that job satisfaction is not about getting paychecks, it’s more than that because after all we are social beings. We foster strong team spirit where peers are always standing by others to help, no matter how challenging the situation is. We provide suitable platform based on transparent and open communication as discussed above, where people can sync their differences and develop acceptance and tolerance for their teammates thereby nurturing a sense of unity in the ecosystem helping people to come together to achieve bigger goals. Meantime, we strive to stay true to our commitments done with our people, which eventually pays us in keeping the momentum up in the long run.

Compensation and Benefits: Justifying Contribution

We are committed to achieve economic equity for our people to let them justify their role in family and the community. Our attractive compensation and benefits programs strive to withstand their requirement of today, tomorrow, and the unexpected. And the transparent work culture and career growth give them reason to stay here and perform to their fullest potential.