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Pro Technology Support (Partners)

Pro Technology Support (Partner) programme by Techvedic is an endeavor to help entrepreneurs in retail marketing, IT and software, consumer electronics, home automation or any other technology sector gain an edge over rivals by improving their customer experience (CX) index.
What is CX, and why customer experience management is important today? Actually, it’s the collection of different processes involved with tracking, controlling and organizing every interaction of a customer’s lifecycle in the business ecosystem. It helps in understanding the customer’s perspective and expectations, which further helps with improving products/services and serving the customers better, and thereby enhancing the brand reputation, and curbing the churn rate. Harvard Business Review, in one of its survey, has clearly observed the correlation between CX and customer churning. The survey was backed by Accenture also. While interacting with business heads of leading telecom service providers, it noted that poor customer service serves as the major cause (53%) provoking a customer to switch its service provider.

Looking for IT outsourcing solution? If yes, continue reading to explore the Pro Technology Support (Partner) programme by Techvedic.

Pro Technology Support Plan: Objectives

  • Increasing brand value proposition
  • Exploring new revenue opportunities
  • Managing consistent brand experiences across multiple channels
  • Nurturing the customer-relationship
  • Reducing liabilities on brands’ warranty programs


Pro Technology Support Programme: Scope of Services

Serve your customers with a smile with our IT outsourcing solution. Our experienced and certified technicians are ready to serve customers at every step. Take a quick look at the prominent service categories:


Onboarding ServicesOnboarding Services

Beginners have more expectations than others, and they are more excited as well to know how their investment is going to work for them. To let you fully monetize the sentiment, we offer:

  • a. Setup and installation services

We can set up and install PC, Mac, tablet, printer or all-in-one, gaming console, home theatre or any other IoT device that a customer owns as per your predefined warranty terms and conditions and the customer’s expectations.

  • b. Network setup services

We can help your consumers to share their computers, peripherals, Internet connection, storage media, or any other device in an uninterrupted and error-free state by effectively setting up and configuring the wired/wireless router device.


Problem ResolutionProblem Resolution

Your customers can get in touch with our experienced technicians to resolve any hardware or software issues. Mode of availability is summarized below:

(a) Online – Over the phone, email, remote-screen sharing

(b) On-Site – Customers can book an appointment with our experts and find doorstep services

(c) Repair-Labs – Our repair labs are usually located at all important locations.

We are committed to our SLAs (service level agreements) and make sure that issues are resolved as per customers’ expectations.


Diagnose and Repair ServicesDiagnose and Repair Services

Our experts are equipped with all kinds of sophisticated diagnostic tools. We try our best to repair the corrupted hardware component as per consumers’ satisfaction, and cease the probability of any unessential warranty claim. In extreme condition, we can replace the faulty part with the right one to make the device functional.


Home AutomationHome Automation

Our certified experts are familiar with all traditional and advanced home automation systems

(lighting control, connected home, home security, network solutions, etc.). We help consumers to stay safe and entertained by effectively configuring the settings of their home automation devices. We also help them effectively control those using their smartphones or tablets from anywhere.


Value Reinforcement with Self-Help GuideValue Reinforcement with Self-Help Guide

With an aim to gain customers’ trust and loyalty, we offer easy-to-follow text, image and video-based solutions regarding setup, installation, repair, troubleshooting and optimization of different technology products. On their requests, we can come into the picture over phone to ease their tasks.