Scams and Alerts

Scams and Alerts

Good and bad, gain and loss, joy and sorrow – these terms coming in pairs are worth noticing. Whether at home or business, in personal life or relationship, in family or society, and on individual level or global dais, you may have witnessed such references, and will continue with, till eternity because this philosophy is seeded in the human intellect itself, which tries to discover the opposite or negative of anything very instantly; very much like the Number Line, where you find a negative of every number. Likewise, the Information technology which came as a boon for people by allowing them to communicate and collaborate and stay productive is also not an aberration or exception. Individuals or groups with ill intentions driven either with some sorts of temptation or obsession are making use of their intelligence and this IT-based gateways to cause harm or loss to innocent digital technology users.

Being part of the customer service industry, at Techvedic, our job is to safeguard the interest of tech consumers, which is only possible when they live their digital lives with complete peace of mind. Our “Scams & Alerts” section hereof is devoted to let them achieve that level of tranquility and make the most of the technology. This will focus on the various threats and scams emerging on the Web, and will explore remedies and solutions thereof.

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