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17 April 2015
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67% of the population in UK is resorting to smartphone devices for their day-to-day functioning. From purchasing a simple book to going on a shopping spree with friends and acquaintances, folks have becoming completely dependent on these miniature devices for maintaining the normalcy and hassle free experience in their lives. So, just imagine that if someday the mobile doesn’t work, in that case, what would be the possible scenario. Well, it would be harrowing, if one has to wrap it up in nutshell. Such dependence on mobile phones has given the leverage to false players to exploit the opportunities and make fast money. Whenever your phone is not working, it appears that part of you is not working, and this has opened up new realms for the malicious players to fulfill their pursuit. So, what they are doing is since it is easy to cater to the desired niche through phone since the numbers are fed in the directory, these malicious players are finding it more suitable to conduct the tech support phone scams by using the phone as a medium to target the potential victims for tech support service.

First Step That Happens In Tech Support Phone Scams

You get calls regularly from service providers selling attractive offers every day and this pattern is followed by these agents to streamline their pursuit. So, what they do is call you and lure you into doing something that you would never like to do. They would convince you that your computer is affected by some deadly virus and this viruses can lead to identity theft and espionage. So, once you fall prey to their gimmicks then they would ask you to perform some tasks. At times, they offer some malware removal tool, which once applied would allow them to have the remote control of your system.  Some others play in a different way just to make money out of your innocence. Taking cognizance of your background and browsing record, they may come saying you violated certain cyber laws while being online. To win your confidence, they may pretend to be from federal or state law enforcement agencies. Once you are swayed away into their trick they ask you to pay some penalty amount to avoid any legal complexity.

How Do They Streamline the Scam?

When they call you and trick you, you give them the access to your computer through remote access, once that is done then they trick you into installing such software that are promising instant fix, however; they are malicious programs and it steals away your valuable credentials for fulfilling their pursuits

When you are in conversation with these scammers, at that time, they would convince you that your system is affected by virus and it needs fix. The moment they are able to hit the right chord and you give them access to the computer through remote switch, they would be tricking you into downloading malicious programs that compromises with your financial details. They even say that there are some legal websites that can help you fix the mess and once you visit those websites, it decrypts your IP and provide them safe passage to sneak through the system and adjust the remote support, thereby making the computer vulnerable for future remote access sneaking.

Why Telephone Scams are on the Rise?

Since using telephone is the best resort to get the veracity going in tandem with the efforts. So, once someone calls you and claims that they know you and the operating system that you use, since they are having proper knowledge about the trend prevailing in the area, in that case, they are able to easily persuade you into revealing your personal information like username and password of your account and the moment that is done then you have compromised with your system and your vital information.

How to Deal With this Issue?

Complicit players are myriad in the market and if you are not smart then they would trick you into doing something that would leave you trapped. Quite often they disguise themselves under the name of brands. Hence, if you happen to receive calls claiming to be from Windows Helpdesk, Windows Service Center, Microsoft Tech Support, Microsoft Support, Dell Support, Dell Support, Techvedic Support, etc., ignore them. These are stalwarts in the market and they don’t have any door-to-door marketing technique. So, they never try to reach to their audience; rather, they have built such market reputation that customers are reaching them every now and then.

How to Report the Vulnerability?

In the UK, law enforcement agencies can be resorted. If you sense such issues, get in touch with National Criminal Agency (NCA), National Fraud Intelligence Bureau or National Ballistics Intelligence Service to report your grievance. Try to provide them as much details as you can regarding the tech support phone scam that you encountered. Your alertness not just safeguards you but can also protect million others, and help the law enforcement agency to nab the culprits behind.






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