29 January 2016
Virtuix Omni
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Virtual Reality or VR is inching towards reality!

Sounds surprising? Indeed, Virtuix—the startup that shot to fame by becoming one of the top ten biggest technology Kickstarter campaigns in 2013, raising $1.1 million in funding— is inching towards perfection. For those who are new to it— Virtuix Omni can be seen as the evolution of the video game controller that takes the form of a treadmill. But this is not the usual treadmill, rather it’s a omnidirectional treadmill as the name echoes — means the gamers can move forward, backward, left, right and anywhere in between in the game environment that they are playing. It currently works with VR headgears like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, as per the manufacturer, the product is platform-independent and in the near future, it will also go with Sony’s PlayStation VR and of others.

To let the visitors of CES 2016 usher in the VR experience, Virtuix hosted the first-ever eSports tournament at the venue. Four Virtuix Omni treadmills were connected with four HTC vive headsets. Players had the pleasure to equip themselves with a replica gun, and walk and run through a virtual arena that was called Omni Arena. Virtuix CEO, Jan Goetgeluk was also present there to cheer players all the way. The VR game saw over 100 players. Overwhelmed with the response, Goetgeluk is planning to bring it to established eSports leagues like ESL, Major League Gaming, and ESWC.

Action or Movement

  • Chasing target becomes adventurous here. Walk, run, sit and go backward in the games and simulations.
  • The treadmill has a concave architecture to support every motion from running, striding to walking.
  • Stay alert against enemy by have 360-degree flexibility to move.


  • Robust support ring to add agility and firmness to your omnidirectional move.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect with mobile devices or wirelessly to PC.
  • Supports both new VR content and legacy PC games.
  • Firmware translates movement to analog gamepad input.


The device comes at $699, and includes:

  • 1 Virtuix Omni gaming platform($79)
  • 1 pair of Omni Shoes ($59) for comfortable, extended gameplay
  • 1 pair of Omni Tracking Pods ($79) and tracking software
  • 1 Omni Harness ($79) for support, safety, and rapid, untethered action
  • 1 year limited warranty (voided if purchasing from an un-authorized re-seller)
  • TRAVR and other demo games

However, playing with Virtuix Omni Treadmill is a costly proposition as you also need to own a VR headset, an Omni rack ($79.00) and a PC. The rack has a flat area and two deeper trays to hold accessories like gamepad, keyboard and mouse, your cell phone, wallet or keys. And one more thing, a water bottle, so that you don’t have to quit your game in between to satiate your thirst.

Hope you enjoyed the technology review. What do you feel about Virtuix Omni? Do let us know in the comment section below. At Techvedic, we also provide brand-independent technical support for a gamut of tech products from PC and peripheral to tablet and phone to entertainment and gaming devices.

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