17 June 2013
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Wearable Computers – Wonder of Technology


Technology is advancing with a very fast pace. Every minute we are hearing breath-taking news from this world. It is a well-known fact that smartphones and tablets have changed the communication paradigm and Internet usage. But, a different trend is on the way, which would nudge these style-icons in the ditch of past. What happened? Amazed?? Well, Techvedic is at your click to uncover this development.

In fact, wearables are the hottest and the latest topic of AllThingsD’s D11 conference concluded in the last week of May this year.

In the 16th annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers, Microsoft previewed examples including a wristwatch that can be attached to your PC through a cable to collect weather details as well as other updates. Sony also has one SmartWatch which can work through an Android smartphone connection. Also, there are various wristwear available to monitor and record personal fitness. This list has Nike+ Fuelband, Basis Band, and the Jawbone Up electronic bracelet. According to the Apple CEO Tim Cook, these wearables are very interesting. Rumors are in the air that Apple is soon going to present iWatch for giving its customers something extraordinary.

Other than this, Google’s trial is also at threshold. By proffering Google Glasses, it would make you wear technology. This Glass of Google is a head-mounted amplified reality system which is designed to completely change the way in which people interact with their surroundings. Also, it has the ability to take photos by voice command and share those with friends instantly. This product has been screened and tested, and is ready to woo the consumers very soon. The wristwear i.e. iWatch of Apple is sounding natural. But, strapping technology is little strange.

Thus, forget carrying extra battery chargers along with mobile phones while planning trips. Also, stay worry-free against any physical damage caused by dropping or physical jerks. Beyond doubt, it would interest the gypsy, who has many odds to handle.

Whether it is wearing technology on the wrist or on the face, sooner it will cover the workplace like tablets and smartphones.

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