26 March 2014
Growing With Tech
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“Healthy mind resides in a healthy body” – giving a thought to the maxim, technology has come out with WEARABLE GADGETS. Wearable health technology, though in infancy, has got widespread attention in leading technology shows including Consumer Electronics Show 2014. What impression it would have on the medical care industry is a distant theme, but with no ambiguity we can say that it would boost the healthy lifestyle quotient.

Healthy body – ever fantasized of having a fitness level at par with your favorite Hollywood stars? Is increasing calories terrifying you? Are you not sleeping well? If yes, wearable gadgets are meant for you. These are wearable fitness monitors to track your daily activities, calories consumed, as well as sleeping patterns. Here are some of the fitness monitors:

Fitbit Flex, £79.99 (

Enhance your style with a Fitbit flex wristband. Set it up easily with a PC or a smartphone and start running or walking. It counts your steps as well as calculates the calories that you have burned in the workout. Isn’t interesting? Get your daily fitness goal by just tapping it twice. After completing the daily target, it will indicate you with a vibration. By tracking your sleeping patterns, it will wake you up with a silent alarm.

Fitbug Orb, £49.95 (

Stay fit and fine by tracking your height, current weight, target weight and stride length. With its round shape, attach it to a rubber strap or clip it directly to clothing. Also, it calculates how far you have walked normally and how much running you did. Meet your daily target through a color-coded system. Same as the Fitbit gadget, it checks your burned calories and sleeping pattern.

Nike+ Fuelband SE, £129 (store.

It is bit difficult to set it up as you need to check its compatibility with a Mac or a PC. But, once it is ready to use you won’t find any trouble. This sleek and stylish bracelet can count your steps, burned calories as well as other work out that you have done. Set your goal first and then observe how it is going. Screen starts flashing to tell you that you have reached your goal.

Withings Pulse, £89.95 (

Connect it to other Withings devices like Wi-Fi scales and blood pressure monitor and start measuring your walk and run, sleep & heart rate. It can also be connected to a free app available on Android and Apple. It can sync well with other fitness apps and websites to scour more health information.

Jawbone Up, £99.95 (

If you exercise daily to burn your calories then this time you can count how much calories you have burned through any sport or activity. Now, eat consciously as you can scan the barcodes of the packet food to find out its nutritional value. Track the number of steps, monitor your sleep patterns and check your diet with this bracelet. It can easily work with the app you have downloaded on the smartphone or tablet as it records all the information about your day.

Pick your gadget, and do let us know about your experience with these wearable technology gadgets.

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