30 May 2013
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WhatsApp- More Instant Way to Connect


Love to chat? Then I am sure you prefer to use instant messaging apps instead of text messaging. Actually, technology has advanced a lot and, therefore, ways of communication has also changed a lot. Earlier, people used to write letters to their loved ones. After sometime, telephones arrived and way of communication got changed. But, the arrival of cell phones has completely changed the people’s communication behavior.  People started using SMS instead of calling. Techvedic is taking you to visit this frequently changing means of communication.

Previously, relations meant feelings but now technology has overpowered every feeling. And, with growing technology, messaging also advanced. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger are available for every chat lover. Then why someone would go for normal phone SMS. These apps enable users to exchange text, images, etc. For example, if you are feeling low then send a sad smiley; want to express your love, send a heart. Hence, these instant messaging apps have changed the way of conveying emotions.

Have a look at the interesting statistics on messaging.

Reasons for its popularity:

  • bullet-black Upload anything and share instantly
  • bullet-black Share what you are doing by just clicking a snap
  • bullet-black Get connected with two or more friends at a time through group chat
  • bullet-black No need to wait for the delivery of your message
  • bullet-black Block any unwanted person

Now, you can see that in what way technology is changing the communication paradigm.

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