13 August 2015
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Setting up a small business unit and getting attention of customers seems an easy affair. Though it’s easier said than done – this is what I can say all, being from a business background. But when it comes to business operations, maintaining competitiveness— differentiating from competitors by being innovative and not to forget being cost-effective at the same time— it is definitely a challenging task. To ease the job Techvedic offers OneCRM – CRM software solutions especially matching the needs of small businesses. Let’s see how this CRM for small business solution works to turn challenges into opportunities.

Small businesses can’t afford big and lavish marketing strategies like enterprises can, but with Techvedic powred CRM software solutions it has become easier for entrepreneurs to extend their reach over the Internet and Internet-based platforms. With powerful, efficient yet easy-to-use tools like lead management, contact management, calendaring and events, automatic address book, notes and comments, lightning fast search, custom fields and filters, file sharing, mass email and email templates and more they can empower their sales people to leverage important sales information and close more deals to achieve target or objective. Thus, CRM solutions for small businesses offered by Techvedic help the takers to significantly improve their customer acquisition rate and ROI.

The CRM for Small Business Solution that Techvedic brings is also helpful in customer service departments. The solution can be customized further based on the needs of the particular business and its customer segments. It not just empowers customer service representatives and supervisors to discharge their responsibilities effectively but also helps customers and interested prospects to connect easily with the brand over voice, data and video or other channels and find quick resolutions as per their expectations.

The CRM solution can be used to retrieve the patterns or trends that are happening in the sales and customer service departments, and that insights can be used for innovating products and services offered by the company. Thus, it improves internal decision-making and helps businesses to stay future ready. Small businesses can keep a tab on the performance of their staff and department easily with the CRM solutions developed by Techvedic. It improves visibility across sales, marketing and customer service processes.

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