7 March 2014
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Is it the right time to dust off your old Yahoo accounts? If you will give an ear to the recent news from Yahoo, Fortune 500, you would do it without giving a second thought!

Yahoo has decided to no longer allow online visitors to access its services, such as photo-sharing website Flickr and popular Fantasy Sports, using log-in credentials from its competitors Facebook and Google. Eventually, now it is a must-have to own a Yahoo ID.

To spark the user interest in Yahoo’s Web products and to recuperate its popularity, and encourage the stagnant ROI, the company’s spokeswoman, Marissa Mayer has confirmed to make this move in near future. The company did not speak much about the precise timeline when changes would be effective. Moreover, Yahoo said the first service that will essentially require authentic Yahoo log-in will be NCAA basketball tournament “Pick’Em” platform that supposedly starts later in this month.

In 2012, Mayer took the responsibility to come up with the ideas that can please Yahoo web service users and help the company to earn groundbreaking revenues. Evidently, this thought urged her to roll out new versions of different Yahoo products, such as Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Mail. In the last year, the company announced to run a program for recycling inactive Yahoo user IDs so that other service users claiming to own those email addresses can avail them, if they have not been used in past 12 months.

Once Yahoo had seen immense popularity and it was titled as the best Web’s marketing leader. The company faced a harsh popularity challenge from its rivals Facebook and Google in past few years, and no wonder, this has urged Yahoo to strategically plan to get back its potential audiences to its service users list again. The company said, “Yahoo is continually working on improving the user experience, and apparently, the new process will allow us to offer the best personalized experience to everyone.”

Hopefully, the efforts made by the Yahoo team would not go in vain and, in fact, some have proved their worth too; the corresponding result is well supported by the comScore Media Metrix July 2013 survey, which claimed more people from the US visited Yahoo Web sites than Google Web sites.

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